Function of Marine Boiler

Marine Boiler

A boiler is a pressure vessel that is used mostly in ships where water is heated in order to evaporate and release the steam in order to accumulate in the unit.There are two popular marine boilers,fire tube and water tube.This boilers perform important functions on ships such as running different machinery whether they use diesel or steam. Some of these functions are studied below in order to give you additional information.

A marine boiler is known to perform different functions but the major function is known to provide high pressure steam .The heat of the energy released by burned fuel is utilized by the feed water that is supplied to the boiler drum.The energy released through burning of the fuel is then stored as steam with high pressure and temperature. Fuel is burned in a combustion chamber in a different arrangement and air is supplied to this chamber for efficiency. Heat that is produced in the combustion chamber is then released to water in the boiler drum in a large surface area in order to release a lot of energy.

Steam is generated when feed water gets in the steam drum through internal tubes and floor tubes.Feed water is then heated once it passes through these tubes.Also there are large bore down comer tubes that pass near the furnace and are used to circulate water through the drums whereby the tubes connect the furnace from the outside.Wet steam is then produced in the steam drum and due to its high amount of moisture it’s dried and heated by the super heater in order to be usable.The dried steam is then supplied to other systems and its monitored by the attemperator such as giantech in order to avoid causing damages.

Finally the importance of the energy produced through fuel burning is to heat feed water in order to produce steam and also for superheating steam relaesd from the boiler drum.Efficiencey of the boiler is increased by pre-heating the feed water that enters the boiler through the economizer.The exhaust gas is used by passing it over an air heater that heats up the combustion air .The boilers also have control systems and safety fittings that are used to monitor and control many things such asoil flow rate and the systems work in coordination of supplying enough amount of steam.