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6 Significant Benefits You Can Gain From Invisalign Treatment

Today, more and more people who have misaligned teeth are choosing Invisalign over the usual method of metal braces which we all have seen. This revolutionary straightening technique is an incredibly convenient and discreet way to achieve straight teeth.

Before Invisalign came to existence, patients who had crooked or crowded teeth had to wear traditional metal braces for up to three years. Particularly for adults, the visible appearance of these metal braces can be a source of embarrassment. Luckily, however, singapore invisalign dentistry allows patients to straighten their teeth in a better way which many consider appealing to them. As such, you might want to familiarize yourself with the benefits offered by Invisalign which is what will be discussed in this article:


  1. Aesthetic benefits

Traditional braces use wires and brackets that apply pressure to the teeth, eventually bringing them into proper alignment. However, Invisalign uses plastic aligner trays that fit comfortably over the patient’s teeth. These aligner trays are made of a thin and transparent plastic material that allows the patient to straighten their teeth invisibly.


  1. Invisalign aligners are removable

Another major benefit of Invisalign treatment is that these plastic aligner trays can be easily and painlessly removed at any time. Patients can just pop their aligner trays out when it’s time to eat and practice their dental hygiene routines like brushing and flossing. With other types of straightening methods, patients can have a hard time keeping their teeth clean and eating without getting food stuck in the wires and brackets.


  1. Take All of Your Trays Home at the Same Time

Once your Invisalign trays have been made, you can pick them up all at once from your orthodontist’s office and bring them home with you. You will wear each pair of trays for two weeks at a time before replacing them with the next pair. Each time that you switch out a set of trays, your teeth will be a little bit closer to perfect alignment.


  1. Straighten Teeth with Minimal Discomfort

Many straightening methods can be painful because of the tightness of the wires that are attached to the teeth. However, Invisalign moves teeth very gradually, allowing the patient to experience minimal discomfort. Plus, the plastic material used to create Invisalign trays is incredibly smooth, ensuring that the patient will not irritate their tongue or the inside of their mouth during treatment.


  1. Invisalign is Affordable

The cost of Invisalign treatment from Depacific Dental is about the same as the cost of treatment with traditional metal braces. The individual costs may, however, depend on the length of treatment as well as the severity of misalignment. Payment plans are available to make Invisalign more affordable.


  1. Invisalign Works Quickly

For patients who have mild to moderate issues with crowding or crookedness, Invisalign treatment can take less than a year. Typically, the treatment with Invisalign can achieve results up to 15% faster than traditional orthodontic treatments because the masks can also act on more teeth simultaneously. The aligners are numbered, and you can calculate when the treatment ends.


In conclusion, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable when the orthodontist tells you that you will have to go through some treatment to align your teeth properly. Most people will feel discouraged to the point of preferring to stay without the braces as they find them a bit monotonous. However, with Invisalign aligners, you can go through the best orthodontic treatment with no worries at all. All you have to do is visit your orthodontist so as to get the best solution for your teeth.


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