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Google Fred Update

Fred is a mystery and the latest best Google algorithm update that has made many SEO across the globe to be on their toes. The algorithm update is also the talk of many search engines, marketing and web optimization companies worldwide. This is because the algorithm update has stormed the market by far and it has been ranked very highly by Google as compared to other SEO across the globe. It also has highest quality when it comes to updating algorithm and back links.

The algorithm update remains a mystery to many people still, since no can has given any specific and exact information in details what Fred can do or is capable of doing, but when the SEO and other competitive, monitoring and optimization companies are being ranked they seem to be a huge drop and ranking fluctuation when it comes to Google ranking. This is a clear indication that Fred is not only a threat to SEO, but the update also affects sites ranking making them to fluctuate and loose traffic, it also removes web spams. Although Google has never realized any information when it comes to the algorithm updates, Fred is mainly updated on every day to day basis making it very strong to offer updates on algorithm and back links.

What makes Fred unique and highly ranked by Google is

  • Quality – The algorithm is quality driven, it offers the highest, best and strong qualities when it comes
  • Algorithms – It updates algorithms by measuring websites in different sites that initially points back towards it.
  • Back links – It offers the best and strongest profile link with back links from sites that has the highest domain making sites with low quality to look bad and sink at the end of the day.

If you are after results, I highly recommend that you ensure that your site is one hundred percent safe from algorithm hit and become quality driven not quantity.


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